Burwin's Testimonials

The following are comments from the graduates of The Burwin Institute courses:

Burwin courses are the only practical way to acquire a theoretical background in U/S for sonographers in training outside of U/S training schools. I have had 5 U/S Techs working for me who have all trained on their own using Burwin courses. - W. Rinehart, Ontario

"This is SO MUCH MORE HELPFUL to me than trying to cram all this knowledge into a 3 day - 2 week seminar. I also have the advantage of all the worksheets and scan sheets to go back to." - L. Emelander, Michigan

Thank you for a very valuable course. This self study material helps me a great deal in my daily working condition. I'll use it as one of my reference tools. Most importantly I'll recommend it to my co-workers. VALUE FOR MONEY - perhaps the best value today. - L. Shiang, California

"When you combine the text material with the course notes and then spend a few hours observing some related ultrasound scans it makes for a very positive environment; unlike other (correspondence) courses I have taken before. Your program was highly recommended to me by a former student and I do not hesitate to do the same." - M. LeBlond, Ontario

"I thank you especially for all your help and although it is through the mail you make me feel like you really care how I am doing -- Thanks! PS. I have four kids and work full-time and this is perfect for me so I can study when I have time." - K. Jankovsky, Illinois

"The course was easy to follow. I knew how to do the scans, but was lacking in some of the pathology. THE COURSE MET MY NEEDS EXCELLENTLY." - L. Fennell, Ontario

"If I didn't understand something and sent my questions in, they were always answered in great detail so that I DEFINITELY UNDERSTOOD." - H. Ridenour, British Columbia

"Provided a means of study at my convenience. Much more information and thought provoking than lectures." - D. Martin, Ontario

"LARGE AMOUNT OF MATERIAL IN A WELL ORGANIZED FORMAT. I plan on keeping and using my notes as future reference material. Thanks for everything." - D. Jones, Niagara Falls, Ontario

"The courses helped me to DEFINE MY AREAS OF WEAKNESS and then to strengthen them." - D. Riley, Ohio

"I FOUND THE COURSE EXCELLENT AND I ENJOYED IT VERY MUCH. It has definitely made me a better sonographer with a lot more confidence." - F. Lynch, Newfoundland

"This is my first experience with a correspondence course and I was very impressed with the quality of the material. It allowed me to broaden my knowledge base while allowing me to STUDY WHEN MOST CONVENIENT FOR ME." - G. Huffman,Oklahoma

"I was in the 98TH PERCENTILE IN THE PHYSICS, ABDOMEN AND OBSTETRICS AND GYNECOLOGY. The courses helped me greatly." - D.G., South Dakota

"POSITIVE EXPERIENCE - No complaints at all. My boss even reimbursed the costs! Great opportunity for working moms who don't wish to commute." - J. Petruzella, Ajax

"This was the fourth course I have taken from Burwin. Now I feel I have a good background in vascular technology. I felt the course was difficult but I also feel it made me try a little harder to grasp all the information. I had taken the physics course & OB-GYN courses in the past and I am certain these helped me obtain my RDMS status. I still refer to these references quite a bit at my workplace - even my radiologist ask me questions about OB-GYN studies and I feel great knowing I have such an excellent reference to fall back on. Thanks!" - E. M. Stillabower, Indiana

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