ARDMS Methodology


Students are provided with comprehensive notes which include diagrams, references, exercises, and assignments. Most courses contain a comprehensive "atlas" with grayscale and color Doppler images; some courses have a CD/DVD with digital video cases for PC viewing. Feedback on student learning is based on a series of assignments which are sent to the course instructor at regular, scheduled intervals. Assignments consist of multiple choice questions. Assignments are marked and returned to students with an answer key and short explanations to difficult questions. Instructors respond in writing to questions raised by students and sent in with their assignments. Successful completion of an assignment is a grade of 70% or higher. Each assignment has a specific point value towards the course grade. In every course, assignments have a total value of 30% towards the final course grade.

A "closed book" examination is taken by students at the end of the course. The examination is worth 70% of the course grade. The passing grade for every course is 70%. Students must obtain a passing grade to get a Burwin course certificate. Examinations are written in a local institution. Students identify an invigilator (exam supervisor) acceptable to Burwin and the exam is sent to the invigilator. After the examination is written, the invigilator returns the examination to Burwin for marking.

The final examinations provide excellent opportunities to write registry-style examinations under exam room conditions. The final examination paper is kept by the student and the completed answer sheet is returned to the student after marking. These can be used as an effective study tool to prepare for the registry exam.

Burwin courses are offered continuously and take approximately 4 months to complete. An assignment and examination schedule is provided with each course. Students are required to send assignments according to the schedule dates. Assignments are sent to the instructor by regular first class mail service, special delivery, courier service, or by FAX transmission. Mailing or communication costs by students to Burwin instructors are the responsibility of students.