Burwin courses are offered to health care professionals (doctors, nurses, technologists, therapists) regardless of their specialty or where they live. Courses are printed and delivered by air mail to all continents. In general, allow 3-5 weeks for course delivery however less time is normally needed for destinations in Canada and USA.

Courses are on going and may be started anytime and from anywhere. Quality combined with portability have always been the hallmark of Burwin courses.

Burwin courses are completely theoretical. We do not organize or administer clinical placements.

Burwin issues a course certificate when a course is successfully completed. Burwin courses are reviewed and approved by the Society of Diagnostic Medical Ultrasound, Dallas, Tx ( for continuing medical education (CME) credits. SDMS approved CME credits are widely recognized by many professional credentialing organizations including the ARDMS, ARRT, ASRT, CCI, and SONOGRAPHY CANADA.

Our courses are generally too voluminous to be effective for only online study however assignments may be submitted online. Course materials are printed and mailed to students. Course duration is approximately four months however students may work at their own pace. Students are given an assignment schedule as a guideline. Two or more courses may be taken simultaneously. If course load is too demanding, one can postpone a course. Students have one year from the course registration date to complete a course without further fees.

All our courses are authored by experienced SONOGRAPHY CANADA ( and/or ARDMS ( sonographers with extensive clinical and teaching experience. Student questions are answered promptly via email (or fax).

Most courses are organized into four modules, with each module ending with an assignment consisting of multiple choice and/or true or false questions. Assignments are “open book” (with the aid of study materials). Assignments may be submitted by fax, mail, or online ( Our online student services area is called BOSS (Burwin Online Student Services) and is accessed with a User ID and unique Password issued with your course registration. BOSS provides students with immediate assignment results and also gives students online access to their student record.

Students have the option of taking a final exam after all assignments have been submitted. The final exam consists of 100 to 150 multiple choice questions similar in style and scope to the registry exam. The final exam is not available online due to security reasons. The final exam is mailed to a local invigilator arranged by the student and approved by Burwin. The invigilator supervises the final exam and submits the answer sheet to a Burwin office by fax. Students receive a CME course certificate issued by the SDMS if they complete the course assignments and obtain a passing grade of 70% or higher in each assignment. To receive a Burwin Course Certificate, students must take the final exam and obtain a course mark of 70% or higher (assignments are worth 30% of the final course mark; the final exam is worth 70% of the final course mark). For two-part courses, a Burwin Course Certificate is only issued when both courses are passed.

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